Tungsten Alloy Counterweight

tungsten alloy counterweight photo

Tungsten alloy counterweight is used to counterbalance an opposing mass in a linear or rotary motion system, allowing movement with lower driving forces.

Tungsten alloy counterweight is designed for aircraft control surfaces, aircraft rotor blades, guidance platforms, and vibration dampeninggovernors.Take vibaration dampeninggovernor for instance,tungsten alloy counterweight is used to reduce vibrations in rotating systems such as automobile tires. The vibration is measured without any weights and the heavy spot is determined. Tungsten alloy counterweight is then placed opposite this heavy spot to balance the load and reduce or eliminate the vibration.

Tungsten alloy counterweight is available both manufacturers and distributors. It resists corrosion and may feature a threaded shaft so that the weights can be positioned precisely for balancing adjustments.

The Reasons for Adopting Tungsten Alloy Counterweight
Counterweight can also be made out of metals such as iron, steel and various alloys. However,tungsten alloy with high density becomes the most popular used material.Take tungsten alloy golf counterweight for instance.

When counterweight golf,somebody have the thought of that if they want more distance and control, the conventional wisdom calls for lighter overall weight. But it turned out to be wrong. The reasons as follows:

The table below shows us that the distance is farer as the counterweight increased. As we all know, the volume for the counterweight is limited, so needing high weigh but low bulk seems so badly in need of .Tungsten alloy, with the density of 16.5/ cm 3 to 18.5/m3 about 50 percent higher than lead and much higher than steel, will be the ideal materials to be the counterweight. And tungsten alloy can prolong the life of counterweight with the properties of wearable. In addition, lead is toxic while tungsten alloy is environment friendly and tungsten alloy can be easily machined and good corrosion resistance.

Weight(lb.) Distance(Ft.) Weight(lb.) Distance(Ft.) Weight(lb.) Distance(Ft.)
5 66 10 112 11 122
5 60 10 103 11 117
5 63 10 101 11 118
5 64 10 109 11 120
5 69 10 98 11 115
5 70 10 107 11 119
5 68 10 112 11 121
5 72 10 100 11 124
5 64 10 103 11 117

The same theory when tungsten alloy adopted in aircraft control surfaces, aircraft rotor blades and guidance platform,where needing high weight in limited space.

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