Tungsten Alloy Golf Club Counterweight

Tungsten Alloy Golf Club Counterweight Picture

Tungsten alloy golf club counterweight inserts let golfers easily adjust the feel and performance of any club.

Tungsten alloy golf club counterweight, some call it counter balancing while others call it back weighting, which was demonstrated to help golfers hit about 30 farer and 70 percent straighter.

Recently the success rate for improvement of both distance and direction has gradually attracted golfers' attention, and increased the use of a new product called the tungsten alloy counterweight. Golfers can add weight down the shaft in various positions creating changes in swing path and release dynamics of golf-clubs thus improving the golfer's direction and distance.

Theory of Tungsten Alloy Golf Club Counterweight

There is good reason to experiment with changing the balance of your golf club. More distance, straighter shots .what's the matter with that?

A type of tungsten alloy golf club counterweight comprises a main body of club head which is made of low-density, lightweight and tough alloy, a counterweight slot, a neck part, and tungsten alloy counterweight. The counterweight slot is in the shape of long slot or ring slot, it is engaged to the bottom or center or the periphery of the club head' main body, the tungsten alloy counterweight is put into the counterweight slot, and the neck part is welded on one side of the top of the club head main body to make up the golf club head. Golf club heads with different gravities can be manufactured by the changing position of the counterweight slot welding on the club head main body, so that every golfer can be matched with different golf club.

Why Needing Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Inserts?

The overall balancing of a golf club is important to achieve the optimal results by producing more solid contact, consistency and greater distance.Tungsten alloy counterweight increase ball speed and help a player achieve a more consistent swing path and face angle at impact. A club that is overall too head heavy is going to be difficult to return the club to a square position. In addition, this may encourage a player to release the club too early in the downswing and rob the golfer of valuable distance.

Tungsten alloy counterweight can help solve these situations by shifting the balance point of the club closer to the golfers' hands, just the same way as a figure skater pulls their arms in to their body making them spin faster. The counter-balancing weights essentially have the same benefit for over-length clubs. These weights are simply inserted into the butt end of the shaft before installing the grip.