Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft Counterweight

Tungsten Alloy Crankshaft Counterweight Picture

Tungsten alloy counterweights is added in auto racing for stabilizing the car and ensuring the car is within the required weight class for the race by putting more weight over the drive wheels.

Tungsten alloys are used in crankshaft as counterweight. The tungsten alloy crankshaft counterweights are designed to offset the weight of the rod and pistons. It is critical that the crankshafts must be balanced to customized rod and piston combination. As tungsten alloy has high density, so adding WHA balance weight into the racing car has good effected in optimizing the performance of the racing car during the racing progress, which contributes to the better control of the car's movement.

Why Applying Tungsten Alloy?

With high density, good mechanical strength and easily machined features,tungsten alloy counterweights are the best choice for vehicle industries.

The high density of tungsten alloy makes it possible to reduce the physical size of components then giving the benefit of greater control of weight distribution and increases the sensitivity of controlling mechanisms. Tungsten alloy is the ideal material for the situation needing a large mass within a restricted area.